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About Us

Bayswood Timber Wholesalers was established in 1984 & has been servicing Timber Merchants, Window Manufacturers , Stair & Furniture builders ever since.


The Company imports Quality products from many select places of the globe as well as using local Australian Timbers.


We have invested heavily in wood processing machinery & good Staff.  Being able to produce almost any profile that maybe required, whether it is 10 lineal meters or 10,000 lineal meters.


Bayswood Timber prides its reputation on service, quality, loyalty and experience in the timber wholesale industry 


We Value;

  • Our people and their safety
  • Meeting customer needs and expectations
  •  Working together in a collaborative way
  • Trusting each other
  •  Communicating honestly and in a constructive way
  •  Punctuality and reliability
  • Quality in all that we do
  • Finding better ways of doing things

Bayswood Timber Wholesalers Are Proud Members Of Wadic