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Welcome to Bayswood Timber Wholesalers

Bayswood Timber Wholesalers are a dedicated timber wholesaler servicing the requirements of timber merchants, joiners and manufactures all over Australia. Bayswood Timber is situated on more than 5 Acres with 3 sites in Hallam Victoria. We also have over 8200m2 of undercover storage and all sites are fully concreted to improve our end product. 


Unlike other Timber Wholesalers, Bayswood Timber doesn?t just sell timber, we process & Machine timber to order. This is backed up by our huge investment in state of the art wood working equipment & quality trained staff. This demonstrates the level of commitment we have to our customers that is unmatched by our competition.


 Bayswood Timber prides its reputation for delivering outstanding customer service, Timber quality, loyalty to both our customers and suppliers and our expertise in the timber wholesale industry.

No job is too big or small as we are capable of making full semi loads down to job lot orders with numerous products in a professional and timely manner.


See the videos below for info about jobs which Bayswood Timber has been involved in: